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ANGELS (Books on Apparitions Below)

ALL ABOUT THE ANGELS. Fr. Paul O'Sullivan. A charming book showing how the Angels have visited people innumerable times in the past, how they do so today, and would do even more if we ask them. Also, how they prevent accidents, comfort us, help us, and protect us from the devils. Contains many beautiful stories about Sts. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel; plus angel stories from Sts. Stanislaus, Gemma Galgani, Frances of Rome, Thomas Aquinas, John Bosco, etc. Also about the Guardian Angels, the Angel at Fatima, etc. Beautiful! 148pp. PB. Permissu Superium. Reg. $7.50 #1069 Sale $6.00

THE ANGELS. Fr. Pascal P. Parente. Herein are described the nature, role and duties of the angelic hosts, as well as their classification (The Nine Choirs), their mention in the Bible, their appearances and the manifestations they have made on a regular basis to various Saints. The author discusses Guardian Angels - plus what our Guardian Angels can do for us. A beautiful scholastic work, but also a simply written and enthralling study for popular reading. 160pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $12.00 #0140 Sale $9.60

THE GUARDIAN ANGELS-Our Heavenly Companions. Stories, Scriptural references, quotes from saints on how the angels protect and help us in body and in soul. Great! 80pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $3.00 #1382 Sale $2.40

PRAYER TO ST. MICHAEL leaflet. 100 copies. Imprimatur. Reg. $5.00 #0972 Sale $4.00

ST. MICHAEL AND THE ANGELS. Compiled from approved sources. This is perhaps the most popular book ever published on angels. Beautiful and inspiring stories on angels taken from the lives and writings of the saints. Tells of the role they play in our salvation. Led by St. Michael, the angels guard us, serve as messengers from God, surround the altar at Mass, and bear the graces of the Mass like incense to the altar of God on high. Explains how Mary will send us angels at our request of her. Includes many prayers and litanies and details on the preeminent role of St. Michael. Terrific! Beautifully illustrated. 133pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $9.00 #0504 Sale $7.20

ST. RAPHAEL. Angela Carol. A little book about the great Archangel Raphael, who is the Patron of Healing, Happy Meetings, Joy & Travel. Gives the Scriptural background on St. Raphael, plus famous prayes to use in invoking the aid of this great Archangel, who identifies himself as "one of the 7 who stand before the Lord. St. Raphael bring sblessing for both body & soul. This is demonstrated here in the famous account of Tobias & Sara from the Old Testament - which shows how he guides the young Tobias on a long journey & helps him to collect a debt for his father, to meet his future bride Sara, to begin a holy marriage, to drive away the devil from Sara, to return safely home & to cure his father's blindness. In each case, St. Raphael brings both healing & joy. We too can safely trust this holy & powerful heavenly friend who is so eager to help us.St. Raphael is a booklet to put us in touch with a wonderful intercessor who loves us & who can obtain for us health of both body & soul. 39 pages, PB. Imprimatur.  Reg. $2.50  Sale $2.00.


EVIDENCE OF SATAN IN THE MODERN WORLD. Msgr. Leon Cristani. "The Devil's deepest while is to persuade us that he does not exist " Using Baudelaire's well known phrase as a starting point, Msgr. Cristiani has amassed convincing proof that the Devil does indeed exist and that he continues to manifest his presence in the modern world, no less than in earlier times. Because he documents with scrupulous care the still present phenomena of diabolical infestation, possession and temptation, his book has become one of the best ever written on the subject. Covers Satan's activity during the apparitions at Lourdes and his involvement in tormenting St. John Marie Vianney. No one studying possession, the power of the devil, and exorcism should miss this book. Powerful! 210pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $14.00 #0148 Sale $11.20

FATIMA - THE GREAT SIGN. Francis Johnston. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and best book ever written on Fatima and all that it entails. Our Lady holds out the power to every man, woman and child in this world, through the practice of her Fatima Message, to bring down miracles of God's grace into their homes, their towns and their countries, and thus disperse, once and for all, the threatened nightmare of world Communism and nuclear war. This magnificent work presents a thorough, up-to-date account of the Fatima apparitions of 1916-1929. The author penetrates deeply into the theology of Fatima, especially that concerning devotion and reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For the first time in only one volume are included pronouncements and declarations of Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and testimony of numerous eye-witnesses. Also includes an account of the 8 Jesuit priests who survived the searing hurricane of blast and gamma rays during the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. They were in a rectory only 8 blocks from the blinding center of the nuclear flash. Although everyone within a mile radius perished, they are still alive today and attribute their survival to the Rosary and living the Fatima message. After reading this book no Catholic will have any reason for ignoring Fatima. 141pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $12.00 #0046 Sale $9.60

FATIMA'S MESSAGE FOR OUR TIMES. Msgr. Joseph A. Cirrincione. Fatima has been called "a summary of the Gospels." The author of this booklet, Msgr. Joseph A. Cirrincione, one of the most astute students of Fatima alive today, summarizes the Fatima messages as a return to a life of prayer to the traditional prayer - life of the Catholic Faith, and especially to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, which really embraces and includes basically all other forms of Catholic prayer. Taking as his point of departure a letter from Sr. Lucy of Fatima to her priest nephew, in which she advocates prayer before the Tabernacle, he asks, "Where else," except before the Blessed Sacrament, "are vocations discovered, discipleship established and missionary zeal fired up?" But more, in a chapter he calls "The Culture of Death," he shows by contrast in our world today the gruesome results of the world's having abandoned prayer and the Catholic Faith. Wide-ranging in scope, Fatima's Message for Our Times is a challenging, thought-provoking booklet that leads one immediately and directly to the heart of our Holy Religion. 72pp. PB. Reg. $3.00  #1125 Sale $2.40.

THE FORGOTTEN SECRET OF FATIMA, And the Silent Apostolate. Msgr. Joseph A. Cirrincione (with Thomas A. Nelson). Reveals the real massage of Fatima, a message of overriding significance, a message which has caused the revelations of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima to be called "a summary of the Gospel" - and that message is the importance of praying for the salvation of souls. For, as Our Lady revealed at Fatima, "Many souls go to Hell because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them." This short treatise is an entirely fresh, new look at Fatima and its meaning and is one that is guaranteed to reward its readers with a deeper understanding of just what it is the Blessed Mother at Fatima has asked us all to do. 52pp. PB. Reg. $2.50 #0213 Sale $2.00

OUR LADY OF FATIMA'S PEACE PLAN FROM HEAVEN. A Dynamite little booklet covering every aspect of Fatima - the story, the message, the meaning for today. Over 5 million sold! Covers the appearances, vision of Hell, prophecies, miracle of the sun, messages, subsequent vision, secrets, Church approval, evil in America, etc. 32pp. PB. Imprimatur. Reg. $1.00 #0236 Sale $.80

THE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA. Br. Michael of the Holy Trinity, C.R.C. This author, perhaps the best Fatima researcher ever as well as one the world's greatest authorities on Fatima, gave a talk in Rome in 1985. That incredibly inspiring talk, of which this powerful booklet is a translation, was one of the most profound presentations ever made on the Fatima messages. In it Br. Michael summarizes all the information known on the famous third secret taken from known facts as well as from the comments of those who have read it. From this hard evidence and with brilliant logic Br. Michael projects the devastating contents of the last of the 3 Fatima secrets. Very convincing and gripping! 69pp. PB. Reg. $2.50 #1151 Sale $2.00

THE WONDER OF GUADALUPE. Francis Johnston, author of "Fatima-The Great Sign." The origin and cult of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mex