Catholic Teachings easily found in the Bible Scripture passages are from the Douay-Rheims Bible, used for its literal translation, not an interpretation. All are free to print and PRIVATELY use whatever may prove useful to them.

Baptism for All
No Birth Control
Did Jesus Start A Church?
God Enlightens All Men
No Fortune Tellers
Good Works
How Old Is Your Church?
Syllabus of Errors
God's Justice
One True Church
One True Doctrine
The Real Presence
Private Interpretation of Scripture
Try the Spirits
Jesus Christ is True God & Man
The Virgin Mary Our Mother

Our "Triumph of the Church" section: Shows the majority of false denomination that have sprung up since the institution of the Catholic Church

1st Century
2nd Century
3rd Century
4th Century
5th & 6th Century
7th Century
8th, & 9th Century
11th Century
12th Century
13th, 14th & 15th Centuries
16th Century
17th Century
18th Century
19th Century

Would the Blessed Mother Recommend a Book
the Church Placed on the Index?

What is Apostolic Succession?.  Also includes "The One True Church" by Fr. Damien.

The Catholic Religion Proven True with the Protestant (King James) Bible

The Catholic Bible
A Catholic Bible Study! A History of the Catholic Bible! A History of the American Catholic Bible!

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